Ryan Sandridge

Self-motivated software developer with over 20 years experience. As a team player possessing excellent analytical, technical, and communication skills, I expect to contribute to the design, implementation, and testing of software alongside other highly motivated and competent professionals. I am returning to the workforce after playing a major role in my children's first few years of life.


CTO and Co-Founder
Bumblebee Childcare Software, Falls Church, VA
September 2013 –August 2014

Was the final co-founder to join with existing co-founders with little development experience who created the MVP for Bumblebee. App's design was making it very difficult to maintain and expand. Refactored much of app to improve design and increase maintainability. Added new features for customers and improved security. Performance tuned the app to reduce timeouts by 90% while customer growth increased.

Senior Web Developer
AARP (via A10 Clinical Solutions), Washington, DC
January 2012 – June 2012

Worked at AARP on the LifeTuner project. LifeTuner was a Rails application to help younger people prepare for retirement. Responsible for implementing user interface improvements designed by another team and improving overall application performance.

Sand Ridge Labs, Arlington, VA
May 2006 – December 2014

Sand Ridge Labs developed products for itself and provided consulting.

Senior Developer
Aha Media, Herndon, VA
September 2007 - December 2007

Developed the aha.tv customer facing web application using Ruby/Rails. The Aha application allowed curators to create video playlists easily, and automatically, based on sets of criteria and weightings. Aha Media was a small startup that lost funding in December 2007 and ceased operations.

Senior Software Engineer
America Online, Dulles, VA
July 1995 - January 2000

Designed and programmed many components of AOL Macintosh Client using Metrowerks Codewarrior C++ and application framework PowerPlant. Gained experience integrating 3rd party source code. Experienced projects with heavy team interaction as well as completely individual projects. Participated in development of cross platform prototype of AOL Client. Senior Engineer for AOLTV Client. Developed AOLTV components using vxWorks and Tornado. Expanded knowledge of object oriented design using C++. Applications development for MacOS, Win32, BeOS, and vxWorks.



BSc, Physics (Minor, Computer Science); Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA)

Technical Experience

Core Skills
Python: During my time focusing on family, I've predominantly worked to learn Python in pursuit of a Data Science or Data Engineering career. My recent Stack Overflow activity has been answering Python questions.

Ruby: My primary language of use from 2006 until 2014. I love Ruby, and if it had a well supported mature ecosystem for Data Science as Python does, I'd probably still be primarily a Rubyist.

Tools and Frameworks: Pandas, Numpy, Rails, PostgreSQL, Git, Jupyter

Additional Experience
Basic knowledge of SQL, C/C++, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Fortran, Pascal, RSpec, REST APIs, Heroku, Agile Development Process

Exposure to Docker, R, Rust, Bash, Elixir

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